Thanksgiving Clock ScreenSaver

Thanksgiving Day is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys is coming together with Thanksgiving Clock that brings you holiday moods.

The 7 Minute Muscle Software

7 Minute Muscle is perfect for you if you are interested in... * Saving your valuable time * Saving money on wasted supplements * Saving your body and your joints from needless abuse * Saving yourself from a life of "six meals a day" to get lean and



You are overweight for the most simple of reasons -- because you're eating the wrong foods, the wrong types of calories per meal, and you're also eating meals in the wrong patterns each day. Think closely about what we're about to tell you, since it's

RecipeCenter  v.

Having excellent recipes for our daily meals is a big challenge! RecipeCenter is an excellent tool where you can organize, upload and add recipes. This is not just an electronic recipe book; it is more like the perfect complement for your diet.

Dinner Timer Lite  v.

This Dinner Timer Lite is a great tool for our personal computer and of course for our meals preparation!

Meal Planner  v.1.0

Meal Planner is an absolutely free application for storing your recipes, planning meals and creating shopping lists. Using it, you can create your own recipes database.

Suzi's Big City Diner  v.

Suzie and her chef serve up good times, smiles and great meals at this fast paced, fun, drive in diner! Pizza, shakes, burgers, hot dogs and more are on the menu and its your job to keep these customers satisfied.

Diabetic Menu - Puzzle  v.1.0

Diabetic Menu just because you have diabetes does not mean that you can not enjoy eating the meals that you love.

Nutrika  v.0.2.1 Alpha

Nutrika is a simple desktop software to calculate nutrient content of various meals consumed during a given period, and compare it to an individual's recommended intake.It lists nutrient and recommended intake values for 100g or 3.

JNutrition  v.0.4

JNutrition help you manage your diet. At the moment this tool enables you to create and edit meals and to edit the food database.Requirements: *

Meal Planning for Mac OS X  v.3.2.2

Meal Planning is a handy application that will help users easily adjust ingredient portions for their meals.

Magic Sweets  v.1.0

Conquer the Magic Academy's inhabitants using yummy meals spiced with superb spells.

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